My New Freebie for Teachers!

My New Freebie for Teachers!

Quick and easy icebreaker for your classroom. Click on the photo for your free download.



Overwhelmed at School?

Glory to God

Today has been a bit rough.  Well moving is rough, getting a new job–rough, and just changing is rough.  Do you ever just get overwhelmed by it all, and feel that God is far away (or worse that you are drifting from Him).  Well God is faithful and I found this devotional in my inbox today.  For all those that need a little encouragement click through

My Lesson Planning Checklist

lesson plan checklist banner

I’ve designed my first lesson planning checklist (with more to come).  Feedback is welcome.

Lesson Planning Checklist

Lesson Planning as a First-Year Teacher

I like curriculum; I like researching, designing, dreaming, thinking about (embarrassing I know) curriculum.  I don’t like actually writing it down as a newbie.  I’ve been searching the web for simple, quick guides and haven’t been able to find a stellar one.  I’m the type of person who loves the “big picture” of things, but not the nitty gritty details.  I have scores of unfinished knitting projects, books, reading plans, exercise routines, etc..  I need help to become disciplined and stay on task.  I think that I will have to develop my own helps, unless I find something nice online.

I pulled out my old intro to teaching textbook and found a great list of classroom management tips that are relevant to lesson planning/assessment.  I think I’ll develop my own set of checklists for planning.  What do you all think?  Do you have a great resource, or tips for a newbie?  Please share in the comments.  You can also check out my Diigo group “Lesson Plan Mania” for some of what I’ve dug up on the interwebs (link on sidebar).

The Best Bookmark Tool EVER


This video shows my new favorite web tool, Diigo. It lets you easily clip things from the web, take screenshots, cache pages for future use (no more lost weblinks), and highlight/note on any webpage. I plan on using it with my struggling readers (by highlighting texts as scaffolding).


A quote for the classroom wall.

Free printable:

Free printable from Cottage Thoughts


If Teachers Planned Inservice Training…

If Teachers Planned Inservice Training….

I don’t have AD-Squirrel!

I don't have AD-Squirrel!

A sneak peak of my upcoming Rehoboth, DE post.


New blog on Unique Education


I have a new blog!

College Student Studying in Library

Yep, that’s right. I have branched out and created another blog, this one devoted to the research my friend Rachel and I are doing on educational systems in Utopian communities. Although I plan to continue to post short updates about this project here on cypresstreeblog, the majority of information will be here Be sure to follow this blog for exciting new updates on our journey into unique education.

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