The Homeschool Girl Teaches

Hi, very-neglected-blog!  I have some exciting news…in a few days I will start teaching in private school.  Yikes!  I wanted to document my journey here, because I feel that my life as an educator directly links to my life as a home school grad.  Here are the reasons I have choosen to teach:

  1. To be salt and light in the world (the school is in Washington, D.C. and secular).
  2. To help kids that were less fortunate in their parents’ school choice. 
  3. To aid special education students that may not have had parents able to help them with certain disabilities, without training or financial hardship (my school deals exclusively with reading-based learning disabilities)
  4. Because God has called me to.
  5. Because I had the best training in the world from my Mom and I want to pass it on.
  6. To continue my life-long learning. 
  7. To pay off debt.
  8. Because it is fun to do while I wait for my own children. 

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